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I’m a firm believer that you should always do something extraordinary on a Leap Day. After all, they only come around once every 4 years. This Leap Day, Drew and I did just that; we closed on our first house. It was definitely nerve-racking, but we had been looking at houses for over 6 months, so we were definitely ready. DSC_0079

On the surface, it should have been easy to find a house we wanted. We mostly cared that it was 3+ bedrooms and 2+ baths. We quickly discovered, however, that we are very picky.

Since I love to cook, I wanted a large kitchen, with tons of cabinet space (I have A LOT of kitchen gadgets and an obsession with owning a cup for every purpose) and plenty of counter space. We got both those things in this house! We even got granite counter-tops and brand new stainless steel appliances! The only thing I don’t like about our kitchen? Our cabinets. They are dark, bland, and boring. They’ll be easy to update and are near the top of our project list.

These cabinets need to be brought into the 21st century!

Drew wanted a big yard, which we got, but not in the way we were necessarily expecting. We live in a cul-de-sac, so we have plenty of space. It’s just not all…accessible right now. We have A LOT of trees (Bonus!! The shade keeps our house cool). We also have a lot of underbrush and kudzu. I like to compare our yard to Endor. Now, as much as I love Star Wars, I don’t want to worry about coming across an unsuspecting Ewok, so making our yard more accessible is a high priority project. It’s probably going to be a multi-year project, since kudzu is a pain to get rid of and I don’t think our neighbors would appreciate us keeping a few goats. Don’t worry, we can still use our backyard in the meantime, since we have 4 decks. Yes, you read that right! 4 decks! We have big plans for these decks!

Decks on Decks on Decks

I also wanted a house with character. Character can mean different things to everyone, but I think there’s character in our welcoming front porch, the reading nook in the master bedroom, and (my personal favorite) our fireplace! It’s the perfect focal point in the living room, and it will be incredibly cozy in the winter.

living1 (1)
I LOVE the detail below the mantel.

Our house was a blank space, so join us on our journey to turn it into our dream home.


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  1. adpizetazeta

    So excited to see the transformation come to life!

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