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Our living room is the most important room in our house. We eat in the living room more often than the dining room. We watch TV, lay on the couch reading, and have in-depth conversations with each other and our friends; I even work on the couch when I feel too isolated in my office. Because we use it so often, it’s important to us that it’s calming, comfortable, welcoming, and practical. We’re slowly achieving all those things.

Right now, we don’t think our couch is any of those things. My parents were gracious enough to let us take one of their old couches. While we’re appreciative that we didn’t have to buy a couch right away, Drew and I have made it more than clear that we’re ready for this couch to go!

The first problem? The fabric. It’s covered with a blue floral print. Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s definitely not my or Drew’s style. Since we knew we were going to buy a new couch fairly soon, we decided to use a slipcover instead of recovering it. While it’s definitely a lot cheaper than recovering, the slipcover is rarely where it’s supposed to be, so it just looks sloppy. We’ve tried multiple ways to keep it in place, but nothing has really worked. The other (bigger) problem is that we don’t find it comfortable. It’s too low, too shallow, and not soft enough.

What do I like about the couch? My pillows!! And the fact that we’re getting a new one delivered at the end of the month. Drew’s not a big fan of our current coffee table, since the only place we can put drinks is on the tray, but I love it (mostly because it also serves as my shoe storage)!! But, we just got his parents’ old coffee table, so the ottoman will be moved to the master bedroom, where it makes more sense.

Living Room - Counch
Patterned Pillows (Home Goods) // Solid Pillows // Ottoman // Acrylic Tray (Wedding Present, similar here)

The rest of our living room is much more… us. Our bookcase is filled with pictures, memories, and knick-knacks. Our hearth serves as a reminder of our wedding day: the birdcage housed guests’ cards, the “Love Never Fails” box was our cake stand and now stores wedding cards, and the church and Willow Tree figurine were both decorations at our rehearsal dinner. I prefer for our decor to be things that make us smile and bring us back to a particular moment in our lives.

Living Room - Fireplace
Bookcase // Blanket Storage (Home Goods) // Birdcage // “Love Never Fails” Box

Living Room - Wedding Decor

As soon as we mount our TV above the fireplace, I’ll get a matching bookcase for the other side to fill with more memories. I’m also open to suggestions on what to hang on the far side of each bookcase! Our living room is still a work-in-progress, so check back often for updates as we turn our living room into our favorite room!



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