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Current View: Dining Room

Work has been crazy the last few weeks, causing me to be MIA, but I’m back! So, let’s take a quick look at the┬ádining room.

When I was in high school, my mom worked late on Wednesdays, so my dad and I would eat without her (neither of us are pleasant when we’re hungry). We’d sit down to eat around 6:30, but would never get up from the table until my mom got home between 8 and 8:30. We’d talk for hours, usually about things you aren’t supposed to talk about around the table: politics and religion.

Dining Room View

“For Where Two or Three Gather in My Name, I Am with Them. Matthew 18:20” Sign from Hobby Lobby (similar here)

Dinner table conversations are still some of my favorites, so my dining room is important to me. It has to be somewhere where my guests, friends, and family feel comfortable enough to just sit and talk. Drew can’t usually sit at a table for more than a minute after he’s done eating, and this past weekend, he sat at this table for 30 minutes. I consider that a success!

Like most rooms in our house, the dining room is a multi-purpose room. It’s where we eat, chat, and play card games. (It’s also frequently a junk collector, oops!)

Where my parents were generous with their old living room furniture, Drew’s parents were generous with their old dining room furniture. They gave us their old table and cupboard. We’re not in any hurry to replace this furniture because it matches our style perfectly!

Dining Room Cupboard
This cupboard perfectly hides cookbooks!

What’s left to do in the dining room? Mostly just add some furniture. Drew’s aunt and uncle have offered us their old China cabinet. I can’t wait to get our China out of boxes and stuck in the corner of the room and finally be able to display them!

I also have an old pallet stored in the garage that will become a wine rack to hang over the cupboard. I’m pretty excited to start that project!


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